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Liberica JDK is now available in Yandex Cloud!

Liberica JDK is now available in Yandex Cloud!

Published July 10, 2019

Announcing public availability of Liberica JDK in Yandex Cloud

Cloud is the norm for production deployments for the majority of modern enterprises. As Java remains the #1 language, having up-to-date, secure and readily available instances with supported Java SE compatible runtime in the cloud is expected, if not to say required. This is why BellSoft is working with cloud providers to make Liberica JDK readily available there.

Today, we announce the general availability of Liberica JDK images in Yandex Cloud. The images are based on Ubuntu 18.04 and CentOS 7, include Liberica JDK LTS versions 8 and 11 and can be installed directly from Yandex Cloud Marketplace. Liberica JDK images have BellSoft YUM and APT repositories enabled which allows seamless software updates. Readily available Liberica JDK Docker containers can be used for containerised cloud deployments, including the smallest Alpine Linux (musl) Liberica JDK Docker container, which can be configured to be as small as 34 Mb.

BellSoft plans to support Liberica JDK 8 and 11 until at least 2026, and Liberica JDK security updates will be readily available in the Yandex Cloud images. The use of Liberica JDK images in Yandex Cloud does not incur any incremental costs. Consult here for support options for Liberica JDK.

Please refer to the Yandex Cloud Marketplace documentation for information about how to get started with Yandex Cloud Marketplace images, and Liberica JDK release notes in case you have any questions about a specific Liberica JDK release.

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Aleksei Voitylov

BellSoft CTO